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Looking for an education destination? Why not give Romania a try?
Posted on: July 18, 2021

Romania is not only an attractive touristic destination but can also offer a list of diverse and interesting options for anyone looking for an education destination. The university degrees are recognized in Europe and beyond and classes not only in Romanian, but also in English, French, German, or Hungarian. Romania has a growing community of around 28,000 international students, attracted by the low tuition fees and living expenses, especially in the fields of Medicine and Engineering. Other programs attracting international students are Language and Literature, International Affairs, Applied Modern Languages, Physical Education and Sport, Kinetotherapy, Visual Arts, among many others.

Here you can find more details on the admission process, described step by step. The Study in Romania website is developed through the „Quality in higher education: internationalization and databases to enhance the Romanian education system” project, co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Operational Program Human Capital.

Check out the new promotional video of the Study in Romania team, aimed to promote the Romanian higher education:

Honorary Consul Dana Bucin
Dana Bucin is Honorary Consul in Hartford

Dana Bucin is the Honorary Consul in Hartford