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Ukrainian Refugees USA - Matching Service Launched
Posted on: May 25, 2022

Friends of Ukrainian Refugees:

As a result of extensive press coverage related to assisting Ukrainian refugees at the Tijuana – San Diego border checkpoint, I received emails from HUNDREDS of kindhearted Americans from Connecticut and beyond who are offering to host Ukrainian refugees under the new “Uniting for Ukraine” Humanitarian Parole Program.  Your messages touched my heart and I wish I had time to answer each and every one of you who is looking for a match to a Ukrainian refugee.  I take this opportunity to answer all of you at the same time by THANKING YOU and attaching the revised Uniting for Ukraine Program Guidelines that I put together to answer most of your questions.


On the other side, I received requests from HUNDREDS of Ukrainian refugees, including 30 families with children who are currently in the Mexico City refugee camp in subprime conditions.  They are unexpectedly housed there as result of being rejected from the Tijuana border checkpoint after that border parole program ended on April 25, 2022 or as a result of catching news of that border closing too late for them to cancel their flight plans.  I attach video depicting the conditions.  They need urgent matching to US sponsors.  Additionally, there are Ukrainian refugees all over Europe, and particularly in Romania, who need sponsorship.  My meeting with President Wałęsa (former President of Poland) and his staff yesterday has solidified my understanding of the dire need of our European/ NATO allies to share the refugee responsibility with the US.  I will be collaborating with both Romania and Poland in assisting Ukrainian refugees who are a good fit for the U4U Program.

Seeing the need for matching sponsors to refugees from both sides, and given that the urgency of this situation presents little time for the usual institutional actors to jump in, I have decided to help in the interim by organizing a matching service designed to serve the immediate needs of US sponsors and Ukrainian refugees alike.  Through a partnership created between the Honorary Consulate of Romania to CT and the Murtha Cullina LLP law firm I have assembled a team of pro bono volunteers who are helping me collect data from sponsors and refugees for the purpose of screening eligibility and facilitating introductions.  Thus, here is the process if you desire to be matched:

    These are the steps of the matching process:
-Sponsors are requested to fill out the sponsor form for the main individual sponsor

-Ukrainian Beneficiaries are requested to fill out the beneficiary form for each person in their fami

-Our staff will review responses and facilitate introductions so the parties get to meet via video and judge compatibility for themselves

-Once a match is confirmed, US sponsor files the required documents directly with USCIS per the attached Guidelines

-USCIS conducts background and security checks on all involved plus financial viability checks on US sponsors and public health checks (including vaccinations) on Ukrainian Beneficiaries

-If approved, Ukrainian beneficiaries usually receive Travel Authorization in about 2 weeks minimum

We continue to need support from state, business and nonprofit actors for:
-more sponsors especially in Connecticut, the nation’s richest state as GDP/ capita
-resources on types of jobs available in CT
-follow up services to sponsors and Ukrainian refugees once they arrive in the US: $ for living expenses; job matching; individual consultancy on immigrant life hurdles (dealing with renting; DMV; opening bank accounts; insurance; etc.)
-if we want this matching done at grander scale – right now we are handling matching about 100+ sponsors and refugees on a pro bono basis – think of how to mobilize resources to make it happen in a legal, caring and professional way (labor, $, awareness, etc.)
-advocacy: cut down federal work permit processing times (3+ months currently); better treatment at DMV; access to affordable health insurance options

If you have any questions about the process or want to get involved, please reach out on email at or

Honorary Consul Dana Bucin
Dana Bucin is Honorary Consul in Hartford

Dana Bucin is the Honorary Consul in Hartford