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Nora Vasilescu

Nora Vasilescu is the Writing Arts Director of the Honorary Consul of Romania to Connecticut since 2021. She promotes Romanian values in the written arts and other artistic fields such as movies, co-authors with Dana Bucin articles related to the different activities of the Honorary Consulate, and participates in various event planning.
A University of Bucharest alumna (MA, Faculty of Letters), Nora has first come to the US in Texas, as a Fulbright fellow. Over the years, she worked as a librarian at the Romanian National Library, assistant professor at the University of Bucharest, editor of the first electronic Romanian magazine (, and scientific researcher in the field of cultural anthropology and literary folklore. In the meanwhile, together with Lucia Berdan, she translated into Romanian the prestigious "Les Rites de Passage," by Arnold van Gennep, followed by "Magic, Science, and Religion," by Bronislaw Malinowski. Currently, she is dedicating all her time to literature.
After an early debut (1986) with poetry in România Literară, in 1995, she comes back with a book of poetry in English ("Daughter of King Lear," Toth Press), and continues with "Carte de despărțire," poetry, and photo, in a digital format. In 2010, her play, "Cu Soarele pe Piept," is performed on the Iași National Theatre stage. Her first novel, "Orenda," was published in 2016 (Limes, Cluj). The second one, "7 Pici" (Itaca Publishing House, Ireland), is awarded the first prize for prose by Tribuna Magazine of Cluj. Nora’s latest novel, "Lumina de Toamnă," an ample love and immigration story, was published in 2019, at Sens Editing House, Arad.

Honorary Consul Dana Bucin
Dana Bucin is Honorary Consul in Hartford

Dana Bucin is the Honorary Consul in Hartford